Miss Paula Kundinger


My name is Miss Paula Kundinger.  I am the First Grade Teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School. 

My email address is pkundinger@sacredheartshawano.org


Sacred Heart Catholic School Mission Statement:

Sacred Heart Catholic School educates our students to witness for themselves and others, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Therefore, let us work cooperatively to ensure the optimum academic, spiritual, physical and social growth of every student.


Vision Statement:

We, Sacred Heart Catholic School in unity with Jesus Christ, our families and parishes, envision our school providing a strong foundation in the Catholic religion, where  we integrate our morals and values into a high quality academic program centered on students” individual needs therefore creating lifelong learners distinguished by how they live their faith!

Week of September 25-30


Things that are due:


Remember for the Household of Faith that a Mass worksheet for each month needs to be filled out.


Current Event will be due on Friday, September 29th.  As you look at the current event ask your child how Jesus would want us to react to this event.


Due to a glitch in MAP Testing last week I had to reschedule for Wednesday and Thursday September 27 and September 28th.


Spelling words to study for this week will have a short i pattern.  They are;  pin, win, hit, sit, miss, kiss  sad, map, be and ride.


Don’t forget to sign up for a parent teacher conference!


Life skill:  Practice tying your shoes.




In Religion  keep practicing the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.  This week we will be focusing on followers of Jesus and how generous they are.  We will learn about Abraham and Sarah.  Our faith words are faith and believe.


In math keep practicing addition facts 0, 1, 2 and 3.  We are also working on number words to twelve including zero,  writing numbers before, between and after, comparing usin the greater and lesser than sign and looking and ordinal numbers 1st-10th .


In science we will see how physical activity and nutrition need to be combined.


In social studies we will be comparing pictures and maps  we will also learn about jobs and how they are part of our classroom.


In literacy-We will be working on sequencing,  short i words, double consonant like in the word kiss and pill.  We will also work on statements and changing questions into a statement.


Have a good week!


Week of September 18-22

Don’t forget to go to Mass.  Children Masses are at 10:45 a.m. at Sacred Heart.  Fill out the September Mass sheet and turn it in.  Thank you to the ones who completed them last week!


MAP Testing on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please make sure your child has a good night sleep.  Remind them to do their best on the test.


NO SCHOOL on Friday, September 22, 2017


Life skill to practice:  Tying Shoes



Religion-Practice Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be:  


Reading-Skill will be Sequencing of Events


Spelling words are:  dad, sad, nap, tap, sack, back, man, mat, too and over.


Math-Practice addition facts that add with 0, 1 and 2.  We will also work with one fewer and one more.


Social Studies-We will be learning to read calendars and learning about our families.  In our social studies book we are going to use the headings and predict or infer what the lesson is going to be about.


In Science we are going to finish our menus for Mrs. Tanya.


Children need to remember to focus on doing neat work.  When writing letters go from the top down.  They need to stay in the penmanship lines.


Have a good week!

Miss Kundinger








Welcome to Miss Kundinger’s Year!!!!


Homework Expectations


Children will have maintenance homework:


Review:  spelling words review (say, see and spell)

  Read and fill out guided reading sheet (ask your child questions such as vocabulary, what was the story about, can you relate to a character in the story.  kids a-z.com can be used for Wednesday night reading.  Log in information will be on letter.

  Practice Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be.  Make sure you are taking your child to Mass on the Weekends.

  Math facts addition up to 10’s and subtraction 20-10 down.  mobymax.com/signin can help practice math facts under fact fluency section. Moby max can also be done on Wednesday nights for homework.  Log in information will be on a letter.

Social Studies, Science and Language Art techniques will also need to be reviewed.

On Fridays we are in school children are to bring in a Current Event that they learned about during the week.  A letter and a form for the current event will be sent on Mondays in Family folder.

Penmanship-letter formation, pencil grip should also be observed and corrected at home.  Letter formation is always top to bottom.


Work needs to be done neatly.

Children will be expected to write in sentences.

Find a place in your home and a time that works well for your child to do homework.  Have pencils, erasers, paper available.  Keep child free from distractions.  For some children a radio playing softly can help with concentration, you have to observe how your child does with this.


If your child says “ I can’t do this.”  Your response is  You can’t do this YET! BUT YOU WILL!”  Be positive with your child.


Children Expectations in the Classroom


Follow Directions of the Adults in the school.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Respect everyone.  During work time and my small group time children need to focus on the task they need to accomplish without disturbing others/ socializing and causing disruptions.

Respect the materials and equipment parents purchased and the school has..

Always do your best!!!!

My email is:  pkundinger@sacredheartshawano.org

Phone:  715-526-5328.

I am usually to school by 7:15 a.m. if you need to reach me.  


General items:


Birthday treats:  If your child brings in a birthday treat I ask that it is small.  A cookie or small cupcake is fine but nothing bigger.

Facebook:  As a general rule from the Diocese of Green Bay it is requested that teachers do not facebook families.  I follow this rule.  You can alway reach me by my email or the school phone number as I listed.

Thank you,

Miss Kundinger






Week of May 15-19, 2017


Tuesday-Reading and Spelling Test.  Words to be tested are ou and ow words.  Cow, how, town, out, mouse, mouth, her, burn, gone, and been.


Friday-Mass at 8:15  wear Khakis and Polos.


Academics:  This week in religion we will be learning about Pentecost.


In math we will continue counting a mixture of coins.


Upcoming Events:  Field Trip, Wednesday, May 24th to Navarino Nature Center.  Permission slip will be coming in Family Folder on Wednesday.


Have a good week!

Miss Kundinger





Week of May 8-12, 2017


Tuesday-We will have a weekly reading test on the following skills:  synonyms and antonyms, meaning of words, listing items, writing title of books, ir, ur and er sounds.


Spelling Test on Tuesday will have the following words:  her, fern, bird, dirt, fur, burn, fork, corn, from and beautiful.


Public Library will be at 1:00.  Please send library cards.  This is our last trip for the year.

Thursday-Current Event is due for Social Studies.


Spring Showcase/Concert.  Dress your best.  


Addition/Subtraction 5 minute time Test.


Friday-1st grade will be leading the Mass.   Fr. Tom will be here!  You are all welcome to attend.


Children will be going to the high School to the Petting Zoo.


Other information;

Keep practicing Mass Parts for May 12th.   

We will continue working on Money.  We will work with quarter and dimes along with our pennies and nickels.

Read something everyday!

Have a good week.


Miss Kundinger






Week of April 18-21, 2017


Happy Easter!  May the Lord bless each of you.


Wednesday-Swimming at the Rec Center.  Please bring swimsuit and towel.

Thursday-Current Event day.  Bring in a current event to discuss.

Friday-School Library.



Religion-This week we will be focusing on the parts of the Mass.  This week we will be working on the entrance.  We begin with an entrance song,  the priest ascends to the altar and greets us face to face so our souls are filled with God’s grace.  We begin then with the sign of the cross.  And respond amen.  As we do this we need to think:  “Help us dear Jesus to be like you each day”.

Language arts:  Spelling words will have an ar pattern.  Words include:  art, cart, barn, yarn, harm,arm, right, by, better and children.


Reading Strategy will be cause and effect.  Our Genre will be nonfiction articles.


Our grammar will focus on color adjectives.


In social studies we will be looking at mountain and plains and in science we will be starting a plant unit.


Miss Kundinger

Week of April 10-14, 2017


Happy Holy Week!  Our week is going to be busy.

This weekend is Palm Sunday April 8th and 9th-Please attend Mass with your child.

Tuesday-9:00-9:25-Meet the Author Pat James in the library.

Tuesday-10:15-10:45  We will be walking to public library to check out books.  Please send public library cards that day.


Wednesday-Dress rehearsal for the Living stations at 10:00.  We will be doing a run through.  The 3 year old children will be our audience.  If you would like to attend this you are welcome as well.


Thursday-Presentation of the Living Stations  at 1:00.  Please come and pray with the children.  They have worked very hard on this prayer.


Friday-NO School

(Also Monday, April 17th no School)


Expectations for the week.


Holy Week is considered the most Holy Time of the Church year.  I am asking my families to participate in as many services this week.  Holy Thursday Mass is in the evening.  Please attend.  This Mass represents the Washing of the feet, and the Last Supper Jesus had with his Disciples.    Good Friday prays the Passion.  It is not a Mass.  I encourage you to attend this Service.    Saturday night is the blessing of the fire, RCIA candidates are welcomed as full members of the Catholic Church.  A really cool Mass if you have never experienced one.   And Sunday morning is Easter Sunday.  Please either attend Saturday night or Easter Sunday.  Your children need to know that attending Mass is important especially this time of year.


Spelling words have a long i pattern.  They have -igh or y in them.  The following words need to be reviewed:  find, kind, night , right, by and my.  Review words low and boat  and high frequency words never and head.


We are working on adjectives that compare with er and est.  Example Matt’s bike is older than Brenda’s bike.


Matt’s bike is the oldest bike of all.


The er added to an adjective compare 2 nouns.  An est added to an adjective compare more than two nouns.


Math we will finish up geometry.  We will continue working on subtracting 2 digit numbers with regrouping.


Just a reminder that every Thursday children need to have a current event.  We had some very good discussion this past week.  Write a sentence or two to help your child remember what they have.


May God bless each of you.


Miss Kundinger



Week of March 27-31, 2017




Conferences start Thursday, March 30th.  Please make sure you have signed up for this date or Tuesday, April 4th.


Friday, March 31st-The 1st grade class lead the Mass.  Your children should practice their reading parts all week.  They also need to keep working on the Stations of the Cross parts.  



Religion-Practice prayers, Mass parts for March 31st and Station of the Cross parts.


Math-We will be starting geometry and how to subtract with 2 digit numbers.  Keep practicing basic addition and subtraction facts.


Language Arts-Spelling and phonics will be focusing on the long e sound but spelled with a y at the end.  Children should recognize that the words have more than 1 syllable and this gives the y an e sound.   The following words are:  bumpy, penny, puppy, candy, funny, bunny.  Review words are:  keep and seat  and the high frequency words to spell are before and heard.  At home practice the words but have your children as they read or if you think of other words with this pattern have the children spell them back to you.  


Read class story to learn skills will be Little Rabbit.  We will be focusing on  analyzing the  plot of the story.  We will look at the beginning, middle and end of stories.  As your child read their level readers this week.  Have them also analyze the story by having them recall well what happened in the beginning, middle and end.  Remind them there is usually a problem in the story that needs to be solved.


We will be looking in grammar the inflection ending es  and the contraction not.


In social studies and science we will be looking at natural resources and how we use them.  I would also like the children to keep reviewing the continents and oceans.  There is a map of this in their assignment books to practice looking at.


Have a good week!

Miss Kundinger



 March 13, 2017






Hope everyone is enjoying spring break.  Keep working on your task sheet that was sent home on Friday!





March 20-24th, 2017




Study spelling words with ee and ea  Words are:  me, we, feed, keep, seat, beak, main, day friends and knew.


We will be working on inferencing, Consonant vowel vowel consonant patterns, and  using see and saw correctly.

We will also work on categorizing, identity and segmentation of words.


In our reading book we will learn about Ben Franklin and about scientist.

In math we will learn how to make a table, applications of addition and subtraction, with a review of addition and subtraction.

In social studies/science we will be focusing on the seven continents and 4 oceans.  We will learn about John Muir as well.


Keep working on the stations of the cross.  Date we will be praying them is Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 1:00 in the church.

Enjoy the week of March 13-17 off from school.  Remember return public library books if you haven’t as we are on spring break and will not be going.

Miss Kunding



Week of February 27th-March 3rd, 2017



Wednesday-Ash Wednesday.  Dress your best for church at 8:15.  No jeans!

Thursday-Dr. Suess Birthday Party from 6 to 7 p.m.  Come join the fun.  Information was in family folders.

Friday-All school Mass



We are working on the Living Stations and learning about this devotion.  Children will be learning about Lent this week as well. They will have some reading to do in their religion books this week.

Language arts-  We will be focusing on the long u words.  For the test on Friday  the words are use, June, tune, flute, cute, mule and woke, nose, done and after.  Note the u has a consonant and a silent e pattern.


We will be working on Drawing conclusions this week in our reading stories.  The topic this week is recycling so the stories relate to it.


Children will be using have and has correctly.


Sight words will be find, after, done, old, new and work.


In social studies we will be having Mr. Raether come in to teach us about Junior Achievement.  He will start Tuesday morning and into next week.


In science we will be learning some more things about our world.  Like why does bulge when it spins?  


Keep practicing math facts addition and subtraction.  We are finishing up our fraction unit as well with a test scheduled towards the end of the week.


Have a great week!

Miss Kundinger






Week of February 20th, 2017

Monday-No School

Friday-School Mass wear Khakis and Polos

Book orders for Scholastic Book Club will be due on Friday, February 24, 2017.

This week we will be working on the Living Stations.  They children will be performing them April 13th, at 1:00 p.m. in the church.  Children need to know the crowd parts as well as well as other speaking parts to know when to come in.  For reading this week work on the script with your child.  This is good practice.


I will be review long vowel and short vowel for a, o and i.  Children need to remember the rules for writing and spelling these words.  


Math we will continue working on fractions and probability.  Continue working on addition and subtraction facts.  We will review adding 2 digit numbers again this week.


Have a good week!!

Miss Kundinger




Week of February 6-10, 2017


Now that Catholic Schools Week events are over, we will get back on track on things we need to do.


This week for Religion the children will need to work on 2 things.  One  is the Mass Parts for Friday, February 10th.  Those that have reading need to practice everyday.  I am also going to have the children practice their prayers again.  I will be testing all the children on their prayers for third quarter on Monday, February 20th, 2017.


A February Mass sheet is attached.  Remember to fill out 1 per month to get your Household of Faith requirements.

In math we continue working on Subtraction, Addition and Fractions.  The I can statement for this week is  I can complete 50 subtraction problems on our time test for Friday.  For addition  I can complete 70 addition problems on our time test for Friday.  Daily practice of addition and subtraction facts are a must.


Reading/Language Arts-We will be working on a number of areas.  This week we will be looking at Comprehension skills of Character, setting and what is happening.  When we look at a character it is not just the physical features but also how does the character feel.  The setting is the place but again  what does this place look like from the words of the story.  And last is what is happening.  I like the question who what where when why and how to help describe what is happening.


In science this week we are going to start a unit on matter, measuring matter.  We will start looking at standard and non-standard forms of measurements.


Spelling words will include 3 consonants at the beginning words are strike, string, splash, split, scrub, scrap, like, ride, says, and were.   We will also practice the number words twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, and eighty.

At anytime a parent would like to come in please let me know.  I can always put you to work.


Thank you,

Miss Kundinger










































Week of January 30-February 3rd, 2017


Events:  Look at CSW events

Thursday-February 2nd, 2017-Pete the Cat Field Trip to Appleton PAC.  Please put red polo shirt in school bag.  After we eat we will put them on for our bus ride to the PAC.

Friday-Mass wear Khakis and red polo shirt.



Spelling words will have a long i pattern.  Words are;  like, spike, ride, hide, bike, mine, whip, chop, call and there.

We will be working on Predictions this week in reading.  

Grammar we will be working with is and are.


Math-We will continue working on subtraction and fractions.


Religion-We will be focusing on the Holy Spirit.


Because it is Catholic Schools week we have a lot of fun things to do.  Please make sure kids have snowpants, boots, mittens, and hats so they are prepared for the outdoor activities.


If you did not turn in a Mass sheet for January, please complete one.  I will need it to mark in the book by Monday January 30th.


Have a good week!


Week of January 23, 2017


Because of the snow day last week, we are playing catch up this week.


Here is the plan.  The spelling test for the ch, tch and wh words will be on Wednesday.  The words include:  whip, whale, catch, match, chin, chop, slip, spin our and your.  The language arts concepts that will be tested on Wednesday are  Identifying main ideas and details, past tense verbs (ed)

And adding es ending to words.


The children will bring the Treasure Book home to really concentrate on the story Short Shadows, Long Shadows.  Talk about the main idea and the supporting details to this topic.


In math we are going to continue working on subtraction but I will be introducing fractions to the children.  We will be looking at equal parts and sets.  Parts are take a circle divide in half,  2 equal halves.   Sets would be I have 6 cows,  I put 3 cows in one and 3 cows in another, so I have 2 sets of cows.


In religion we are learning about Jesus and how he taught in the Temple, we will also learn how the Holy Spirit was sent to Jesus followers.


In social studies we will learn about 2 American Indian tribes the Cherokee and the Chumash.


Have a good week.  Hopefully no more snow days!


Miss Kundinger






Week of January 16, 2017


No School Monday, January 16

Friday Jan 20 last day of quarter, school library, Adoration, and All school Mass.

Just a reminder our first bell rings at 7:55 a.m.,  please be on time for this.  A good rule of thumb is if the first bell rings at 7:55 then be to school by 7:45 which is 10 minutes before so you won’t be late.  Thank you for your help with this.


A few things for next week.


Spelling words are:













Math-We will continue working on subtraction.


Miss Kundinger

Week of January 9-13th




MAP , Testing Monday and Tuesday


Public Library Tuesday


Friday Mass at 8:15 and School Library


Monday January 16th No school.


Religion-This week the children will be able to explain Jesus’ message of love and care for his followers, how Jesus is welcomed into Jerusalem, and explain how Jesus taught in the temple.


In language arts we will continue making s blend words with sl, st and sp.  You will notice by changing one vowel a new word can be made:  slam, slim, slum, slack, slick, stack, stick, stuck, spin and spun.


We will be focusing on comparing and contrasting stories, poetry especially the word choice, identifying syllables and present tense verbs.


On Friday, children will receive a short story they will need to decode and answer questions to recognize the skills covered this week and last week.

In math we will be starting to understand subtraction.  Identify words such as take away, how many are left, in story problems.  The children need to be able to subtract horizontally as well as vertically.  (Also don’t let the addition facts escape and the 2 digit addition as we can’t forget them as well).


This week in science we are going to be working on sorting materials into groups and come up with ideas more than just color shape and size.


Have a good week!


Miss Kundinger


Week of December 12-16, 2016


(Last Letter before Christmas)




Events:  Tuesday, December 13 Public Library


Friday, December 16 Mass led by the 1st grade. Make sure your practice your parts.


Tuesday, December 20th-Christmas program at 6:30.  Be to the classroom at 6:15 p.m.




Language arts-This week we will focus on the long a sound formed by an a consonant silent e  Example make.  Children need to look at the words and start thinking about the rules and the sounds that the letter combinations make.    


Sight words are hello, could walk, pull, all and oh.


The stories this week will focus on predictions.  What will happen?


There will also be learning of ing and ed endings.




Spelling words are:  make, take, came, game, gate, late.  Review words black and flag and high frequency walk and all.




In math we continue to work with 2 digit addition and using tens and ones to build numbers.  We will also focus on number words eleven through twenty.




The 1st grade will be leading the Mass.  Please  practice the reading parts with your children.  Remind them to read slow and clear.




I wish all of you a blessed Christmas season.  Over the break please have your children read at least 10 minutes a day something and practice Math facts and do a couple 2 digit adding with regrouping so the children do not forget over the break.




I would also like the children to practice tying shoes.  We have been also working on this fine motor skill.  It will be noted on the report card end of second quarter if they are not able to tie their shoes.




Miss Kundinger




Week of December 12-16, 2016




This will be a normal week.  We have school library and Mass on Friday, December 9th, 2016




The following week:  Public Library on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.


Christmas Program on Tuesday, December 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the church.


Mid-quarters will go home in family folders on December 14th, 2016






Language art skills we will be working on are:  Identifying sequence of events,  Days Months and holidays and remembering they need to be capitalized in our writing.  We will be working on l blends: cl, gl bl and fl.  


We will be using the Treasure book more as we continue to build on the skills such as sequence of events so a couple times a week the children will be reading stories in this book and this will count as their nightly reading.




Spelling words will include:  clip, clock, flag, flip, block, black, fun, nut school and today.  We will also work on Days of the week spellings.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.




Math-continue to work on basic math facts.  Just because it isn’t written in the assignment book does not mean we can’t practice them daily.




In science this week we will learn about shadows and why they happen.


We have some experiments we will be doing in class.




In religion we will be learning about Christmas.  Children should also practice Mass parts as well as they will lead on December 16th, 2016.




Miss Kundinger






Week of November 28-December 2, 2016



 Make sure if you have not completed your November Mass sheet you do the weekend of November 26/27th.  Return sheet on Monday, November 28 to complete your HOF obligation.

I have enclosed a copy of the spelling words for this week.  You may cut the list apart and put one in the assignment book and 1 for your home.  The pattern will be short u this week.






Keep practicing the following.  Addition facts up to 9 + 9.  Also keep practicing skip counting 2’s and 5’s.  The 1st graders are starting to add 2 digit plus 2 digit numbers.  So it is very important to know the math facts.




In reading/language arts we will be working on the skill retelling a story, Proper nouns and the contraction ‘s.




We will be learning about communities and jobs within the community this week.






On December 1st at 1:30 we will be walking over to the Presbyterian Church and looking at the Nativity scenes.




In religion we will be learning about Advent.  I will also hand out Mass parts for our Mass on December 16th when the children return from Thanksgiving Break.  Please practice with your child.




Dress for the weather as it is getting colder.




Thank you.




Miss Kundinger




Week of November 14-18, 2016


Last letter until after Thanksgiving.






Reminders-Friday, November 18th No school  Teacher Inservice


Also November 23rd, 24th and 25th there is no school as well.




Friday-December 16th the 1st graders will be leading the Mass.




This week in language arts we will be focusing on the following skills:  Identifying main ideas and details, adding ing endings to words  and irregular plural nouns such as man to men; child to children; goose to geese.




The spelling words will focus on the th and sh sounds.  Please though remind your child that the short vowel sounds are still being used a o i and e.  




Words are:  fish, ship, thin, shop, with, thank, beg get live and many.




We will work figuring sums up to 18 using place value charts; rods and cubes.  It is also good to keep memorizing the facts as well.  We will also start skip counting patterns for 2’s and 5’s up to 120.




In Religion we will work on learning about the church year.  Ordinary time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.  




Have a good week and a great Thanksgiving break!  Take time to thank God for all of the blessings in your lives.




Miss Kundinger         




Week of November 7-11






Tuesday, November 8  Public Library at 1:00.  Bring cards and books


Friday, November 11-Mass at 8:15 wear polo and khakis.  


Veterans’ Day Program by the courthouse.  We will walk down to the courthouse for the service at 10:40 a.m.  When finish we will return to school and have lunch.




Spelling words for the week are with the short e pattern.  Words are leg, beg, men, hen, get, let, hop, hot, who and some.  




We will be working with plural nouns  adding an s without a comma to words.  Some plurals will need es  for words that end in ch, sh, x z and ss.  Practice some examples by writing base words and letting your children decide if they need s or es.




High frequency words for the week are  who, some, of, no and eat.  Have children identify these words in stories they are reading.




The 2 selections in our reader we will read are “Who will help?”  and “Little Red Hen.




Math test Monday, November 7th  will be on patterns, using a number line, writing addition sentences, adding 3 digit numbers  and problem solving.




In social studies we will be voting!  So parents don’t forget to do your right and go vote!




In religion we will finish learning about the Great Commandment.  A chapter 5 test will be on Thursday.  Pages 67-75.  I will send religion books home to review.  Keep practicing prayers.  Children are doing well.




Have a good week!




October 31-November 4, 2016




Tuesday-All Saints Day.  Dress your best.


Manners Lunch for teachers and students


Music at 9:30




Wednesday-Gym at 9:30




Thursday-Art and Gym




Friday-Mass wear khakis and polos






Math-Enclosed are a pack of time test to practice math facts.  Give 1 sheet each night and time your child for 5 minutes.  See how many problems they can do.  Then after review for another 5 minutes by asking them addition problems.  Next night give a time test for 5 minutes.  Then review again.  Do this every day.  Watch how your child can grow in knowing the facts.






Spelling Test will be Thursday.  Words have short o patterns hop top log hog hot lot.  Review words of sand sink and one they as well as the number words one, two, three four five six seven eight  nine and ten.




In language arts we are working on nouns, identifying main ideas and details.  High frequency words are one two they her and does.




In religion we will be talking about All Saints day. The 8th graders will be presenting Saint reports on Tuesday to the 1st graders.  Please ask your child what Saints they learned about.




I also have enclosed some Mass Sheets again.  Remember one a month needs to be turned in.




Thank you,

Miss Kundinger

Week of October 24-28, 2016

A busy week with activities:


Tuesday-Raking Day. Please dress for the weather.  If you have rakes and gloves please bring them.


Tuesday afternoon Concert at St. James Lutheran School.


Wednesday-Mrs. Kickhafer from Stone Creation going to do a presentation to our class as her job deals with rocks.


Afterschool at 3:30 Halloween Party.  Your child needs to attend with an adult as teachers are working the event.  


Friday-No School.  Enjoy the long weekend

Keep working on math facts, prayers and daily reading.  I am really impressed with the work the kiddos are doing.  Penmanship has it highs and lows but remind your child to always do their best.


Practice spelling words.  They are growing but also have previous skills of short a short i and blends at the beginning such as gr.  


The words are land, fast sink sand, list, ant, grass, trip help, and very.


Have a good week!


Miss Kundinger

Week of October 17-October 21, 2016


Events coming up:


Tuesday-Spelling test on the following words:  crib, grab,  trap, crab, grass, trip, hit, win, that and good.


Friday-Mass at 8:15 a.m.  The 1st grade have been working really hard on their mass parts.


Please join us if you can.

In language arts we will be working on ‘s (possessive nouns).  As Halloween approaches you can practice with the following:  the witch’s broom, Dracula’s smile, Anna’s pumpkin.  


In math we will work on story problems with hidden information, using number lines to add, patterns and doubles.  I will also give a check up on the number words for one all the way to twelve.


In social studies we will work on map reading skills and learning about jobs and being a helper.


Keep in mind that the Halloween Party is after school on October 26th.  If you can help please let myself or Autumne Gee know.  Time is 3:15-5:30 pm  and set up is before.  Thank you.


On Oct